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What is the difference between Cricket API and Cricket Hosted Widget ?

With our Cricket API Data solutions you will receive raw data feeds in JSON format. These you must integrate and publish yourself on your website, application, software etc.

Our Cricket Data Widgets contain the same data as the Cricket API. However, we have already processed and put the data into a structured and styled html module, which you simply need to “copy/paste” on your website as you desire.

So, in short, the Cricket Data Feeds (as explained above) require some technical knowledge in receiving and processing data but gives you maximum freedom to utilize the data, whereas the widget product is a “ready-made” white-label solution, which is ideal if your company wants to avoid spending time on data integration and have as little technical work to do as possible.

Does my company need to have skilled IT staff to your service ?

Our Cricket API service requires basic knowledge of data processing. Our Cricket data hosted widgets, however, require no particular technical knowledge as they are created and managed by us.

What is the frequency of data update ?

We strive to update our cricket data feed as close to live as possible, without compromising on accuracy and reliability of information.

Latency varies by competitions and all of our operations are carried out using trusted sources, which enable us to deliver fast and reliable updates of livescores. For the events which are covered with results only we add the final result as soon as it is published after the event.

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