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1. Get your access key

You can get your access key from your app which can be found in My Apps page Please follow the guide from Get started page to get a new access key.

2. Authenticate device

Its very easy to start using the Roanuz Cricket API. You have to do one or two step to access the cricket data. Now with your access key and secret key, authenticate your client device or browser.

curl -X POST \
-d “access_key=YOUR_ACCESSKEY” \
-d “secret_key=YOUR_SECRETKEY” \
-d “app_id=YOUR_APPID” \
-d “device_id=YOUR_DEVICEID” \

device_id is unique id of the client device, and its generated on your side. The above request will authenticate the client devices and will give you the access_token with expiration details.

“Etag” : null,
“auth” :
“access_token” : “2s14381497325301s976461134951486121”,
“expires” : “1521641451.0”
“cache_key” : “auth|2s14381497325301s976461134951486121|app_id|”,
“expires” : “-1”,
“status” : true,
“status_code” : 200,
“version” : “2.0.2”

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